Sven Zacek

Pääsukese Eestimaa 2 – SOLD OUT


I am happy to announce that my second aerial book about Estonia is available! Again, all the photos have been taken from our national bird’s – the barn swallows’ perspective, but this time with the help of four different aerial machines. On board a helicopter and an airplane I only played the role of  the photographer, but when taking my camera up in the air with a motorized paraglider or a drone, I also had the responsibilities of a pilot. Adding new means of taking a camera off the ground opened up possibilities I didn’t think existed before.

Texts are both in Estonian and English.

The layout:

Double language book (Estonian and English) featuring only aerial photography;
Four chapters: spring, summer, autumn and winter;
22 pages of texts plus captions;
248 pages of 170 gram high quality Art Silk photographic paper, covered with lacquer;
31x24cm hardcover.

On the cover: First place photo in Baltic Nature Photo Contest 2014 in the landscapes category;
GDT European Wildlife photographer of the Year 2014 – highly commended photo in the landscapes category.